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Premier Delivery TAlent | Why 3GS

Each of our live virtual training programs is delivered by a team that’s highly trained in effective virtual delivery. Delivery teams include a host who anchors the session, a subject matter expert (SME) who delivers the training content and a technical producer who runs the backend of the broadcast but also monitors learner engagement and participation.

The 3GS delivery team is over 40 people strong! Here we profile a few of our talented folks.


Carla Sorey-Reed | Lead Host

Carla is a former host and segment producer at KRON/BAY-TV, a San Francisco Bay Area live entertainment talk show. She enjoys the transition from television to live, virtual training because, "At 3GS, we take the best practices from broadcast media and apply them to training, so I'm able to transfer my experience and skills from television to training. It's a great way to leverage the talent from one industry and apply it creatively to another."

Mary Windishar | Host

Mary is a webcast veteran, with more than 600 audio, video and virtual events under her belt. She also was a PBS TV show host, broadcast producer, and voice-over teacher, who loves learning and performing. She says, “I thought live broadcasting was a thing of the past! With 3GS live virtual training, we combine the best TV has to offer (video, interactivity, spontaneity, and personality) and take training to an entirely new level, offering more time, more personalized practice, more feedback and more collaboration.”

Rick Johnson | Host and Content Development

Rick is an Emmy-winning TV producer and director, and a webcasting pioneer. Johnson started on the radio at age 13, and feels right at home in front of the microphone. “Hosting is like moderating a talk show,” he says. “With live virtual training, we can use any medium we need to convey the message and keep the participants engaged. Having everyone together online and on the phone results in people sharing their challenges and best practices with each other. The participants love to report their success when they apply what they are learning.”

Nicki Bouton | Subject Matter Expert (Sales)

Nicki has worked globally for the past 12 years developing everything from interactive virtual learning programs to video telecasts with extensive experience in global salesforce enablement. She says that what “I love about designing and delivering live virtual training programs is the visible and measurable participant impact. The applied learning and consequential sales results you see over the course of the weekly training modules is impressive, and it’s exhilarating to be part of the process.”

Lee Slimm | Subject Matter Expert (Sales)

Lee is a veteran sales manager and trainer for Fortune 500 companies. He applies his expertise to training programs at 3GS, which he says are "way ahead of the curve in delivery techniques, which bring the best-in-class content to life and give participants a chance to practice what they've learned right away. This is what differentiates 3GS from every other type of training program: It's full immersion in the training process, applying what you learn to your deals throughout the program, so that everything you learn really sticks."

Alan Escolar | Lead Producer

Alan is a seasoned sales operations and training specialist, with experience in several leading high-tech companies. He’s helped refine the processes and procedures for 3g Selling’s training programs from what he says “was already a great standard.” Of the results, he says, “The methods 3GS is using for live virtual training are above and beyond what I’ve been trained to use in the past and substantially more effective in the overall learning experience for our clients.”