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Integrated Learning | Why 3GS

Application of new knowledge and skills is a giant hurdle in most corporate training programs, whether delivered in a physical or a virtual environment. But the failure to apply isn’t the fault of the learner, it’s the fault of the program design.

The Importance of Good Design

At 3GS, we believe that learning is a process, not a singular event, and our live virtual training programs are designed from the ground up to integrate learning, on-the-job application, peer collaboration and performance coaching to create a multi-pronged, immersive and ongoing learning environment.

We call our approach Integrated Learning, and it allows learners to actively apply learned knowledge, skills, information and tools to their actual jobs over the course of the entire program—and long after.

With repeated reinforcement from facilitators, peers and asynchronous online learning tools, Integrated Learning supports consistent, long-term adoption and application of the curriculum. This in turn increases program impact and drives improved ROI and training results.

From INformation to TRansformation: The Architecture of a 3GS Live Virtual Training Program

When it comes to changing behaviors—and engaging learners who are unmotivated, think they already know everything they need to know or can’t clearly see how training will benefit them—live virtual delivery is the critical interface that elevates training from being merely informational to being truly transformational.

Based on 3g Selling’s years of R&D to develop our capability and approach in this area, the following model outlines the optimal continuous learning architecture that we leverage to ensure customer success.

Watch our short video on Integrated Learning.

3GS Founder Martyn Lewis discusses why our Integrated Learning format is perfectly suited to what drives real business results from training: the integration of learning, application, peer collaboration and coaching.