An innovative and dynamic approach to delivering training to today's business professionals.

What Makes Us Unique | Why 3GS

Since 2009, 3GS has led the way in the design, development and delivery of highly effective live virtual training solutions. Offering a truly innovative approach that engages learners and provides real-time interaction and peer collaboration, our unique and proven methods deliver the transformational training results that other web-based training formats simply can't.

What We Do Differently

To be truly effective, virtual training has to be engineered from the ground up as a fundamentally different form of learning experience.

Programs that simply adapt existing content from the physical to the virtual classroom fail to harness the unique strengths of the web as a tool for learning, collaboration and communication, and sidestep the importance of overcoming its unique challenges.

Successful web-based delivery requires specialized techniques and facilitation skills. To create the most engaging virtual learning experiences possible, we've drawn heavily on the strategies and on-air delivery talent used in broadcast media like t.v. and radio—for both the design and the delivery of our programs. The broadcast media know what it takes to make content come alive and really engage a remote participant, seamlessly drawing them into the experience of the program.

From the Ground Up: A Better Class of Virtual Training Design and Delivery

Virtual training is what we do and it’s ALL we do. That focus, experience and capability mean we do it better than anyone else.

We never believe that one size fits all! Our training solutions focus on delivering the right content at the right time to the right people in the right format—to ensure that the results you get are maximized. Just see what our customers are saying.

Here are just a few of the aspects of our approach that set us apart from the pack:

Integrated Learning

Our approach to live virtual training puts new knowledge and skills into practice by integrating learning with immediate application, peer-to-peer collaboration and performance coaching.

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Dynamic Live Virtual Delivery

The experience of a 3GS live virtual training program is unlike any other training format. Learners benefit from highly skilled delivery teams, dynamic dialogue, real-time interaction, multimedia content and a host of other strategies designed to engage them in the training.

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Premier Delivery Talent

We've hired talent from the broadcast media, training and technology fields—as well as skilled subject matter experts in a wide range of business areas—to ensure that our programs are simply the most engaging, interactive and well-run programs around.

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Our singular investment in R&D—combined with our unmatched experience in live virtual training design and delivery—achieves results for our customers that are superior to traditional classroom training methods, both virtual and physical.

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The key benefits of live virtual training.

  1. Fits today’s working style
  2. Engages learners through dynamic delivery
  3. Compresses training into the most impactful material
  4. Provides opportunity for application of new approaches and tools
  5. Eliminates travel and long days in the classroom, minimizing the time learners are away from their jobs

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