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Dynamic Live Virtual Delivery | Why 3GS

Learner engagement has been identified as the number-one concern learning executives have about virtual training. Recognizing that previous generations of virtual learning may have failed to capitalize on the unique strengths of this powerful medium, we've developed an innovative approach to live virtual program delivery based on methods and strategies from broadcast media.

Where Broadcast Media Meets Professional Training

Most forms of e-learning have their place, but when it comes to delivering transformational learning experiences over the web, it’s hard to overstate the importance of a live, instructor-led approach.

At 3GS, we've taken this idea and run with it. Borrowing strategies from the world of broadcast media, our programs bear little resemblance to simple webinar-style training. The unique 3GS live virtual delivery approach includes:

  • A rich virtual learning environment with high production values
  • A highly trained virtual delivery team that includes multiple “on-air” presenters engaging in ƒƒdialogue rather than monologue
  • Facilitated collaboration among the learning group, including formal breakouts
  • Multimedia content, including dynamic video and graphics to efficiently illustrate key concepts
  • Razor-sharp scripting techniques that allow for improvisation and interaction—combined with careful time management
  • A variety of tools built-in to the learning platform that facilitate a multi-directional flow of information across the learning community
  • Mechanisms for monitoring individual participation and ensuring learner accountability

Watch our short video on live virtual delivery.

3GS Founder Martyn Lewis discusses the two major components of our innovative approach to live virtual delivery and how they can help you achieve real results.