An innovative and dynamic approach to delivering training to today's business professionals.

Better Training Results | Why 3GS

Any training program that doesn’t have as its end goal a sustainable and measurable increase in training results and, more importantly, business impact isn’t setting the bar high enough.

Virtual: No Longer a 4-Letter Word

We believe that the days of settling for second-class results from virtual training are over. 3GS has developed an entirely new way of delivering live virtual training that emphasizes learner engagement, immediate application of new approaches and tools, and sustained program adoption. This approach has allowed us to deliver results for our customers that are superior to anything they've achieved through traditional classroom training.

As a 3GS customer, you can reap the following benefits:

1. Fulfill Your Training Requirements

Because we offer a full range of live virtual training solutions—from "off-the-shelf" to custom-designed programs—we can partner with you at all stages of your success. From building a custom training program to evaluating the impact of training, and everything in between, our highest priority is ensuring that your training requirements are met.

2. Reduce Your Training Budget

A relationship with 3GS provides you with direct access to the tremendous investment we've made in our best-in-class virtual training approach and capability. This potentially saves you millions of dollars in virtual training infrastructure, expertise and ongoing maintenance. Also, by eliminating travel, moving physical training to our efficient virtual format can reduce your training budget by 40%.

3. Increase Your Results

When you partner with 3GS, you get an immersive and highly engaging virtual training experience based on your training requirements. Results seen by our customers are superior to results they’ve obtained through basic webinar-style virtual training or traditional physical classroom training. These include:

  • Increased ROI and business impact
  • Improved learner engagement
  • Elimination of employee time away from the job
  • Immediate and sustained application of new knowledge and skills
  • An average of 85-90% completion rate for training-related work assignments
  • A substantial increase in qualitative ratings over previous physical training events in areas such as facilitated delivery and engagement
  • Measurable business results within 2 to 3 months