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Disarmingly simple, yet incredibly powerful, the 3g Sales Roadmap provides the foundation of performance for a sales organization.

With more informed customers who have ever more choice but ever decreasing time and resource, selling has become more demanding than ever before. Sales performance today must come from a more deliberate approach to selling. Great sales skills and hard work are no longer sufficient to drive results. Rather an organization must approach sales with greater precision of activity, more alignment across the selling team, and superior management, coaching, and measurement.

Customers do not buy in random ways. Across a particular market customers approach the end-to-end buying process for a particular offering in a more consistent fashion. This may include taking time to understand and define needs, evaluate alternative approaches, and detailed vendor analysis. Third Generation Selling is about understanding how a market is buying, crafting an overall selling approach in which to engage in that market, and then implementing a sales process that is synchronized to the way the customer is buying. This approach goes far beyond the more simplistic selling methodologies, even those that often profess to be customer centric. Third Generation Selling is about not only understanding the customer’s buying process, but how to positively impact that process at each of the steps along the way.

The 3g Sales Roadmap is individually developed for each organization to align and coordinate all selling activities to an optimal approach that synchronizes the selling to the buying. This ensures that the organization is investing in the right opportunities, at the right time, in the right way, with the most appropriate resources.

The 3g Sales Roadmap leads to more effective selling which in turn can dramatically increase revenue, decrease costs, and increase sales forecast accuracy.

The 3g Sales Roadmap provides just the right amount of science. Equally applicable to both new hires and the most seasoned sales professionals the Roadmap coordinates and aligns resources to a common and optimized approach to
successfully pursuing sales opportunities. It takes the guessing and the trial and error out of sales. The Roadmap is the foundation of science upon which the art may flourish.

What the Roadmap Looks Like

Key Benefits and Business Impact






Common selling approach


Selling activities synchronized to the buying process


Increased win ratio




Increased average deal size




Increased deal velocity




Common terminology




Consistent approach to deal classification





Clear roles and responsibilities





Continual qualification of sales deals





Faster ramp-up time





Effective management coaching





Clear measure and metrics