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With our Applied Leadership and Coaching for Business Performance program, participants tackle the real-world issues, barriers and hurdles that sabotage efforts to be effective leaders and coaches in today's business world.

Applied Leadership and Coaching for Business pERFORMANCE

5-Module Live Virtual Training Program
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Who Should Register

Anyone with the responsibility for directly, or indirectly, managing others.

Program Summary

The words “leadership” and “coaching” may have become clichés in today’s business world yet they are the undeniable elements of success in today’s more networked and empowered organizations. To many managers, though, these words are nebulous and refer to intangibles, even measures of some sort of inherent charisma. In actuality, the skills, methods, and approaches that underlie great leadership and coaching are very definable, and can be practiced and perfected by anyone managing people in an organization.

This program provides participants with a series of highly pragmatic approaches to the task of leadership including, and indeed centered upon, coaching. Each topic that is covered is discussed in terms of how it can and should be applied. Rather than dealing in generalities and hypothetical examples, the program is unique in its focus upon real-world issues and tackling the barriers and hurdles that sabotage all efforts to exhibit effective leadership and coaching in the day-to-day world.

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Program Benefits

  • Business performance
  • Speed of implementation
  • Organizational flexibility
  • Morale and retention rates
  • Employee and customer satisfaction rates

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