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Reversing 200 Years

In this video 3GS examines the state of learning in today’s world by looking at how technology has changed the way we work and even the way we learn.

Blended and continuous learning reverses 200 hundred years in the wrong direction by offering the learner, and the business, a far more flexible and more impactful way in which to provide access to a series of learning experiences that provide the skills and knowledge required, when required and in a highly effective manner.

To realize this vision for learning we need to:

  • Abandon using technology to simply transmit information from so-called experts to so-called learners.
  • Get back to the true roots of effective learning
  • Become the architects of technology-enabled learning journeys

3GS offers learning and development professionals the TEBLAT methodology to help rethink, re-architect and redesign training for today’s learning in today’s world. We believe that our role as learning and development professionals is to become the architects and enablers of blended and continuous learning that facilitate the learning objectives in the most efficient and effective manner.

To learn more about how you can become certified in the TEBLAT methods, Download our L&D Fundamental Series Training Workshops Trifold.