Live web-based professional training that harnesses the power of broadcast media.

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Browse our videos on live virtual training to find out how our innovative approach is helping our customers achieve their training goals—better, faster and cheaper than traditional classroom training.

Right Size Training: Understanding the difference between Informational and Transformational Learning

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Watch this short video and learn how to cut formal training by 50% while gaining superior learning outcomes and business results.

Reversing 200 Years

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See how 3GS is reversing 200 years in the wrong direction by embracing blended learning.

The Power of Live Virtual Delivery

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Martyn Lewis, Principal discusses the two major components of our innovative approach to live virtual delivery and how they can help you achieve real results.

Dynamic Delivery Style

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Beverly Lock, Principal discusses how we've cracked the code on participant engagement, providing you with a convenient, cost-effective and powerful training solution.

Integrated Learning

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Martyn Lewis, Principal discusses why our Integrated Learning format is perfectly suited to what drives real business results from training: the integration of learning, application, peer collaboration and coaching.

Engage, Motivate, Inspire: Inside the 3GS Live Virtual Classroom

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In this video clip of a 3GS live virtual training broadcast—in this case a sales training program—the host and subject matter expert engage with two of the program participants on setting priorities, managing the total sales pipeline and the importance of forecast accuracy.