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3GS is a preeminent thought leader in the area of live virtual training design and delivery. Here you'll find an array of whitepapers and articles authored by 3GS that provide everything from strategic insights to applied strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of live virtual training.

200 Years in the Wrong Direction: Rethinking Learning Download the Whitepaper

[EXCERPT] Many still cling to the traditional physical classroom as the benchmark for education and training. This parochial adherence to tradition has gone to the ridiculous extreme of trying to emulate a physical classroom in the virtual world, a classroom where we still believe that to provide training we must hold people captive for long periods of time and subject them to a trainer presenting information to them.

The Virtual Learning Advantage: Designing a Best-in-Class VILT Program

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[EXCERPT] What’s clear is that there’s a growing awareness among L&D professionals of the ability of Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) to not only match the business impact of physical training, but to actually exceed the capabilities of physical training and deliver superior results.

Adobe Case Study: The Next Generation of Training

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[EXCERPT] Using Adobe Connect, 3GS offers live, virtual training programs that leverage the web to deliver a truly engaging and transformational training experience for participants around the world. The customizable sales training programs enable its clients to achieve superior results—all while eliminating travel costs and valuable time away from the office.

LIve Virtual Training: The Most Effective Way to Train Your Sales People

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[EXCERPT] If you’ve always believed that the only effective way to train sales people is to get them together face-to-face in a physical classroom, what you’re about to read may trigger a 180-degree change in your thinking. Not only does physical training cost more than its live virtual counterpart, it presents a number of more systemic challenges that can actually undermine the efficacy and impact of training.

You CAN Do More with Less: How Synchronous, Web-Based Training Can Solve the Three Big L&D Challenges

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[EXCERPT] For the past two years, we’ve heard the same prognosis from L&D research firms, conference keynote speakers, bloggers and in-the-trenches corporate learning executives: shrinking budgets and shifting organizational priorities are challenging training organizations to do more with less.

Say Goodbye to the Classroom: 5 Surefire Strategies for Creating Powerful Virtual Learning Experiences

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[EXCERPT] Training and development professionals everywhere are being asked to do more with less. According to Training magazine’s 2009 Industry Report, total training expenditures in 2009 declined 7% from 2008 and almost 60% of organizations asked employees involved in training to take pay cuts.

Moving Into the Live Virtual Classroom

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[EXCERPT] The live virtual classroom is giving learning and development decision-makers a highly effective approach that can cut costs, reach geographically dispersed learners, and speed up program adoption all while increasing learner engagement, training results, and business impact.

Cracking the Code on Coaching

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[EXCERPT] Individuals do not arrive on the job “coaching-ready,” but generally have a number of preconceptions about what coaching means and their own ability to practice it. It is only by understanding the common myths about coaching that these preconceptions can be overcome. When these myths are not directly called out and managed they tend to impede the successful adoption of effective coaching within the organization. 

Everything You Know About Managing the Sales Funnel Is Wrong

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[EXCERPT] Is there anything more fundamental in sales and sales management than the “sales funnel?” It has been the mainstay of selling since the first lead was identified and progressed into a successful closed order. By taking thirty minutes to read this paper your perspectives about the sales funnel, and how to manage the sales process, will change. For those whose living depends upon building and maintaining a healthy funnel of sales opportunities this is a must-read.

Business-To-Business Sales Forecasting

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[EXCERPT] Our research discovered that many of the commonly found approaches to sales forecasting are either inherently flawed, or lack a number of the fundamentals that must underlie any successful forecasting process. By examining these approaches, however, and by understanding forecasting fundamentals, we are able to present a framework for a best-practice approach to sales forecasting.

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