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The three Fundamentals Programs are the perfect starting point for L&D professionals who wish to embrace truly effective approaches to blended learning.  The series of programs span from designing an overall continuous learning architecture, through developing high impact live virtual training to then delivering immersive and engaging live training experiences over the web.  Each program is itself an example of blended learning. 
Each program comprises best practices, how to segments, collaboration, interactive tools, and approaches.

Alternative Formats
The programs can be delivered around a two-day on-site workshop, five live virtual workshops, or can be individually paced through a series of asynchronous modules.  No matter which format is selected, the programs all include ongoing support and exposure to all of the tools and processes that have made the 3GS approach the most effective way to architect, design and deliver continuous and blended learning.

I: Architecture
Architecting Blended and Continuous Learning Programs
This blended learning program is created for learning and development professionals who are responsible for architecting training programs.   The program is itself designed and delivered as a blended learning program so L&D participants experience blended learning themselves. 

Program Topics

  • The new world of learning
  • Breaking down the walls of the physical classroom
  • A vision of the future
  • Architecting the learning experience
  • The 10 critical elements for framing the learning
  • New instructional design approaches
  • The new benchmarks for design
  • Matching delivery modalities to the learning
  • What it really takes to make blended learning work
  • Change Management

II: Design and Development
Designing and Developing High Impact Live Virtual Training Experiences

This program has been designed for learning and development professionals tasked with designing and developing effective and engaging live virtual training workshops. 

Program Topics

  • The 5 golden rules for learner engagement
  • Techniques and practices from broadcast media
  • The critical importance of structure and timing
  • Learner engagement and interaction
  • The 7C approach to content design
  • Placing the emphasis on application
  • The program framework
  • Using pre-recorded multi-media
  • Re-learning PowerPoint
  • Timing
  • Developing the Production Book
  • Managing the learning assets

III: Delivery
Delivery, Presentation, and Facilitation Skills for the Live Virtual Classroom

This blended learning program has been designed using the experience gained, and the processes created, by 3GS in the delivery of over 1,500 live virtual programs.  The content borrows heavily from the techniques and approaches used in broadcast TV and radio where the focus is placed on engaging remote participants.

Program Topics

  • Equipment set up
  • On air delivery
  • Use of Production Books
  • Organization and Timing
  • Gaining engagement
  • Spontaneity versus structure
  • Reading the body language over the bandwidth
  • Gaining and managing interactivity
  • Virtual facilitation skills
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Voice delivery and control

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