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Rethinking Live Virtual Training: 
Building High Impact Continuous Blended Learning

Session #512
Martyn Lewis, 3GS
Elissa Sternbergh Hoehn, Merck
Kelly DeTommaso, Merck
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 | 10:45-11:45 a.m.

If you'd like to connect with us in Orlando, please contact us at info@3gselling.com, or 888.243.0461.

Session Description

In this session, 3GS's Martyn Lewis will lead a discussion that includes Kelly DeTommaso and Elissa Hoehn of Merck & Co.’s Global Commercial Learning team, who share their first-hand experiences of how the 3GS blended and continuous learning model is changing the way Merck thinks about program design and training deployment.

In a world where people now work and communicate in different ways we are faced with the opportunity to architect dramatically different learning experiences. Training has moved beyond the walls of the physical classroom. In part, this is in response to the continuing need to reduce cost and the amount of time that we ask someone to commit to training. But to view the trend of moving from the physical to the live virtual classroom as simply a way to reduce time and money, totally misses the significant opportunity we have to provide more effective learning experiences; experiences that match the way that our learners now work and live their lives. To capture that opportunity we have to rethink the fundamentals of how we design training programs.

This session will show how to:

  • Architect learning experiences that are free from the constraints of time and place that were imposed upon us by the physical classroom
  • Extend the formal learning experience into a virtual community providing individualized learning experiences
  • Gain learner engagement through relevance and collaboration
  • Integrate learning with the application of new knowledge, coaching, reinforcement and support

A case study will be used that illustrates how a blend of learning including live virtual, asynchronous, and coaching led to significant results that far
exceeded what could have been possible in the physical classroom.