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A Best-in-Practice Design for Live Virtual Training

Session #VCS05
Martyn Lewis, 3GS
Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Session Description

There is a stampede away from the physical classroom, mainly in an effort to lower the cost of training. But this virtual world can leave the participant with a less than satisfactory experience.

Martyn Lewis, Principal at 3g Selling, will share the journey that one company took in offering live virtual training that does not simply mimic the physical classroom, but offers the learner a richer experience with more immediate and impactful learning outcomes.

In this session participants will see and learn:

  • Bold new strategies for delivering the live virtual classroom
  • How live virtual learning can engage, motivate and inspire learners
  • The difference between virtual and physical classroom facilitation
  • The benefit of leveraging production techniques from broadcast media
  • How to integrate learning, coaching and on-the job application
  • Ways in which video, dialogue and team work can be integrated to create a compelling live virtual learning experience
  • How an ongoing learning community can significantly augment the live virtual classroom
  • How the live virtual classroom can deliver superior results to the physical classroom

Learning Objectives

  • Best practices for live virtual classroom delivery
  • Benefits of the live virtual classroom
  • Obstacles to creating effective live virtual learning experiences

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