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Driving Virtual Learning ROI

Joint Presentation with Citrix Online
Session #514
Martyn Lewis, 3GS
Bob Lee, Citrix Online
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Session Description

Join Citrix Online and Martyn Lewis, Principal and Founder of 3GS, as we push “beyond the spreadsheet” to explore the strategic issues that define the success of training programs in today’s technology-enabled, mobile workforce. During this session, we will share real-world examples of how to leverage the power of live virtual
training for richer, more impactful and engaging learning experiences.

In This Session, You’ll Learn...

  • ƒƒThe key elements for designing an effective learning architecture that enables a continuous learning environment
  • ƒƒWhen and why self-guided learning is optimal versus facilitated learning and how the chosen modality impacts ROI
  • ƒƒHow the live virtual classroom can deliver greater results than the physical classroom
  • ƒƒWays to truly maximize the return on investment for your organization’s training dollars

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