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Non-traditional and Blended Learning Approaches: Transforming the Sales Management Team at Oracle: A Case Study

Session #M210
Martyn Lewis, Principal & Founder, 3GS
Monday, May 7, 2012

Session Description

The vice president of sales at Oracle needed a program for training his sales managers that would be measurably effective within a short period of time while keeping staff in the field and completely eliminating travel-related costs. This session demonstrates how a live, virtual sales training program constructed to totally engage participants in short weekly sessions conducted over several weeks was able to achieve highly successful results.

The vast majority of sales managers who went through the program—more than 80 percent—completed all work assignments. The majority of participants reported that the approaches and tools they learned in the program were relevant and applicable to their jobs. Managers overwhelmingly agreed that the live virtual training approach – which borrowed techniques from broadcast media and was highly interactive and more effective than any other approach used in the past. Finally, post-program participant satisfaction rates for content, delivery, facilitation, and engagement were all superior to benchmarks based on previous training events conducted in a physical—rather than a virtual—classroom.

Within three months of the program, the sales management team at Oracle saw measurable and sustainable increases in average deal size, win ratio, and velocity of deals through the buying-selling process. The program also saved $60,000 in travel-related costs.

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