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Following are just a few of the hundreds of success stories we've gathered demonstrating how our customers have exceeded their training goals while delivering training in our incredibly impactful, cost-effective and convenient live virtual format.

"Alpha Company": Custom Live Virtual Sales Training

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To increase its virtual training capability, augment internal learning & development resources and reduce training costs, “Alpha Company” engaged 3GS to create a custom, live virtual sales training program for both tenured and new-hire sales professionals. The resulting program is designed to enhance the particular set of sales skills necessary to support each step of the company’s sales process. The program dovetails with other training programs the company has been rolling out and is the centerpiece of a larger training initiative to increase Alpha Company’s market competitiveness.

"Beta Company": Custom Live Virtual Training for Finance Managers

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Propelled by a global initiative to substantially increase the effectiveness of its finance managers in the areas of communication and presentation skills, “Beta Company” sought a training partner that could address the company’s specific needs. With an eye toward minimizing job disruption and opportunity cost, Beta Company engaged 3GS to leverage its unique approach to developing and delivering immersive and impactful learning experiences to achieve
the desired transformational results.

Engaging the Sales Management Team at Oracle

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With a sales management team who had mostly come up through the ranks, Scott Stoll, Vice President of Sales at Oracle, needed a custom sales management training program based on Oracle’s established sales and business leadership approaches. Due to operational challenges, Stoll was drawn to the idea of rolling out a live, web-based training program that would give his team the training they needed while keeping them in the field and completely eliminating travel-related costs.

Swift, Global Deployment at Cisco Systems

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Together with Cisco, 3GS developed a global sales awareness and training initiative that cascaded through the organization, aligning successive levels of management to the program, gaining commitment and equipping them to support their selling teams.