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Production Studios | About 3GS

We firmly believe that when it comes to technology-enabled learning, the technology needs to disappear into the background. Sometimes the only way to make that happen is to invest in the best technology available and hire the most talented people to run it. And that's exactly what we've done in our production studios.

Where Broadcast Media Meets Professional Training

3GS's live virtual training programs are produced more like dynamic broadcast media programs than traditional one-way webinars. And our production studios have a lot to do with that. State-of-the-art webcasting technologies, reliable failsafes and even backup power generators are part of our basic studio setup.

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But it's not about the technology, it's about creating an environment where our delivery teams can forget about buttons and switches and focus entirely on the engaging delivery of the training program.

In the slideshow below you'll see that each broadcast has a host who anchors the session, a subject matter expert who delivers the content and a technical producer who runs the backend and monitors participation. Programs hinge on robust dialogue among the delivery team and non-stop interaction with the training participants—not just in the form of scripted program content, but also as peer collaboration, formal breakouts and performance coaching.

Look inside the 3GS live virtual training classroom.

In this video clip of a 3GS live virtual training broadcast—in this case a sales training program—the host and subject matter expert engage with two of the program participants on setting priorities, managing the total sales pipeline and the importance of forecast accuracy.