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Our Story | About 3GS

3GS has leveraged over 16 years of experience in training global organizations to pioneer a totally novel approach to designing, developing and delivering live, instructor-led training programs over the web.

Moving from the Physical to the Live Virtual Classroom

3GS’s sister company, Market-Partners, has been delivering training to global sales forces since 1995—with customers ranging from startups to industry giants. Until 2008 these training programs were conducted almost exclusively in the physical classroom. That's when two of our largest customers mandated that all training programs be moved to the virtual classroom in an effort to significantly reduce training-related travel costs.

In response, we worked diligently to convert all of our training materials to PowerPoint. We invested in a commercially available web-based training platform, prepped our best classroom facilitators and equipped them with all of the latest hardware. Before the programs aired, we advised them to "keep it lively." And we thought that would do the trick.

virtual Delivery: an entirely different animal

The initial deliveries were well-received by many participants but we could tell that not everyone was engaging to the degree we had expected. So what was missing? As it turns out, a lot. After careful review of participant feedback and extensive debriefs with our customers, we realized where the programs had fallen short. The virtual sessions were too long, the webinar style of instruction wasn't engaging and the facilitators struggled to connect with their audience.

Seeing an enormous opportunity to perfect on our earliest forays into web-based training—and to go beyond what our customers had hoped to achieve by moving to virtual—we created 3GS in early 2009. The company was founded on our belief that to truly leverage the power of web-based training requires an entirely different philosophy, approach and realm of expertise. Drawing heavily on the strategies and on-air delivery talent used in broadcast media, we now offer our customers a superior way of experiencing true transformational virtual learning.

A Better Class of Live Virtual Training

From the outset, the company’s mission has been to provide customers with an innovative, impactful and highly engaging approach to live virtual training and to offer a true alternative to traditional training approaches and methods.

Based on an immense amount of R&D devoted to honing our virtual training capability, the best-in-class live virtual training programs we now offer our customers are a far cry from those first well-intentioned steps into the realm of virtual learning. And what we’ve found along our journey has surprised us. Not only does our current approach eliminate travel expenses and time out of the field for participants, but our unique integrated learning model and live virtual delivery approach allow us to create transformational learning experiences that achieve better ROI and training results for our customers than what we could achieve through physical classroom training programs.

It has been—and continues to be—a learning experience.

We invite you to experience and become a part of our story.

A Journey from the Physical to the Virtual Classroom

In this webinar, 3GS founder Martyn Lewis talks about our journey from the physical to the virtual sales training classroom—and delves into the valuable lessons we learned along the way.

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