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Leadership Team | About 3GS

3GS is founded on the belief that live virtual training is perfectly matched to the way people work, learn and collaborate in today’s world, as well as to the training professional’s new mandate to deliver training faster, cheaper and with greater business impact for the organization.

With this vision in mind, our leadership team is committed to raising the bar for virtual training and ensuring that our customers receive the maximum return on their training investment.


Martyn Lewis | Principal & Founder

Martyn Lewis is a successful entrepreneur specializing in the development of both companies and individuals. His work has been used globally in 39 countries to enable the development of hundreds of companies and in excess of 48,000 individuals. He has personally led workshops and talked across the United States and Canada, and in Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, South Africa, Greece, Turkey, Singapore, South Korea, China, the United Arab Emirates and Japan. He is known for his unique ability to create and innovate, and to translate vision into results through highly pragmatic and real-world approaches.

Beginning his career in the UK as a software engineer, Martyn quickly took on greater responsibilities in complex technical and project management positions. He moved to Canada in 1981, where he joined Digital Equipment as a front line sales rep. He continued his success as a sales manager, regional manager and Vice President of Marketing with Digital Equipment. He then managed a large and diverse sales team of more than 650 people, as President and CEO of Drake International, North America, leading a corporate-wide turnaround.

In 1995, Martyn moved from the corporate to the entrepreneurial world when he founded Market-Partners, which is focused on a range of consulting and training services that offer clients significant business growth through the design of strategic market engagement strategies, and the adoption of consistent sales processes that are architected to synchronize with the specific market’s buying process. He and his team have worked with sales and marketing organizations around the world in industries as diverse as computer software and hardware, medical equipment, sports equipment, education, health care and publishing. Clients include HP, Oracle, Cisco, Valassis, VHA, Ascent Healthcare and Pearson Education.

In 2008, Martyn anticipated the trend away from physical classroom training events toward the adoption of continuous learning styles, often delivered virtually. He became a passionate leader for this new mode of individual and team learning. He also understood the need to look at different approaches to the delivery of training that would engage and motivate the learner. He launched a new company, 3GS, to combine people and processes from the broadcast media with the more traditional instructional design and delivery experts. Since its inception, 3GS has delivered in excess of 700 live virtual training sessions, and has won awards such as the CLO Gold award for innovative training design. 3GS has now moved beyond delivering only sales training to offer clients the design and delivery of a wide array of live virtual training experiences. Martyn is now recognized as a leader in the effective approaches to live virtual training and speaks widely at events, both physical and virtual, promoting best practices in this emerging, yet vital, training approach.

Martyn has been widely quoted in the media, and has speaking engagements across the globe. He has published numerous papers, articles, co-authored 21st Century Selling (2001), and is author of the book Sales Wise (2006). He is currently the Chairperson for the Advisory Committee for the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)'s Sales Enablement Community of Practice.

Stephanie Ardoin | Director of Client Services

For over a decade, Stephanie has worked on the development, delivery and management of high-impact training programs for organizations around the globe.

Stephanie joined Market-Partners in 2008 to manage the coordination of face-to-face, instructor-led training programs for the company's clients. As Market-Partners increasingly moved toward technology-enabled training starting in late 2008 and early 2009, and created 3GS to focus on that emerging business, Stephanie made the natural transition over to managing and coordinating live virtual training programs for 3GS.

As the Director of Client Services for 3GS, Stephanie manages the overall configuration of the company's "off-the-shelf" sales training programs, working closely with clients to ensure that the programs are configured to meet their unique training needs and objectives. She also manages the delivery of all live virtual training programs and oversees the 3GS training delivery team, which includes over 30 skilled hosts, subject matter experts and producers.

Reversing 200 Years

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