Providing learning and development decision-makers with a better class of live virtual training.

What We Do | About 3GS

3GS is the leader in the design, development and delivery of live virtual learning experiences. Our training solutions range from customer-configured “off-the-shelf” programs in key business areas like sales, leadership and communication to completely custom programs designed around the customer's unique training requirements.

The Secret to Your Success

3GS’s dynamic approach to live, instructor-led virtual training equips learning and development decision-makers with a convenient, cost-effective training approach that outperforms both the physical classroom and basic webinar-style virtual training in the areas of learner engagement, training results and business impact.

We hope you'll spend some time on our website getting to know more about us, our unique approach to live virtual training and our core live virtual training programs.

We've also included a number of resources to help you in your move to virtual training, no matter how far along you are in that journey. These include physical and webcast events where we're either speaking or exhibiting, as well as a host of other resources like whitepapers, on-demand webcasts and videos.

We believe that all good relationships start with a conversation. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you achieve your training goals and harness the power of live virtual training.

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